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Understanding protection from abuse with an emergency order in Norristown

Many clients in the Norristown area visit Attorney Jack A. Rounick to learn about the ways in which they can protect themselves from physical, emotional, and mental abuse. Regardless of whether the victim is male or female, everyone has rights and can receive protection from abuse through the court system.

When court-defined abuse has occurred, it is important for clients to protect themselves appropriately. In many cases, these individuals are encouraged to file for an emergency PFA (protection from abuse) order. An emergency order is filed in the court to provide immediate protection. This is done through the Courts. Magisterial district judges are available on-call and can grant an emergency order if the Courts are not open. This will only provide protection until the following business day, during which the court reopens and clients can then ask for an ex parte temporary PFA. This filing allows the judge to make the decision based on the information provided without the abuser in court. However, they are also temporary. A hearing is scheduled during which the other party has the opportunity to testify and present evidence to the judge to determine if the temporary order should be made as a long-standing protection order.

If you are concerned about safety and well-being, it is important that you work with a qualified attorney to guarantee you are protected from abuse. An emergency order is the first step in providing yourself the legal protection necessary to stay safe, and following through with this filing in the courts can help clients attain a permanent protection from abuse. A final PFA can last three years and it may be extended if deemed necessary. This is given as a piece of paper, which can be supplied to the police. If an incident occurs, individuals who violate the protection order risk jail time.

Attorney Jack A. Rounick of Norristown, PA is on your side. Contact him today to learn how you can protect yourself from abuse, stalking, and other safety concerns when it comes to others putting your life and health at risk.

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