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How can a protection from abuse (PFA) order be filed against near Southeastern, PA?

At the Law Offices of Jack A. Rounick, LLC, we believe in keeping our clients safe. When issues arise during which clients in the Southeastern, PA area require protection from abuse, we are here to assist. We offer aid in obtaining PFAorders on an emergency, temporary, or final basis.

Many clients consult with Attorney Jack A. Rounick to ask about the times in which they can place a protection from abuse order and who they can have them ordered against. In many cases, clients can have a PFA order filed when they need protection from physical or sexual abuse. Clients who consult with their lawyer need to be honest about the extent of the abuse so that Jack A. Rounick can properly represent his clients and get them the protection necessary.

PFA orders can be filed against an abuser if they are a:
  • Live-in boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Current or former spouse (includes common-law)
  • Intimate or sexual partner
  • Parent
  • Child
  • Relative (blood or by marriage)
Attorney Jack A. Rounick of the Southeastern, PA area can help individuals in getting the protection necessary through the courts. Initially an emergency order can be placed to provide protection until the court can have a hearing. Clients can file for a temporary PFA Once the courts reopen clients can file for a temporary PFA when the courts are open, or, if closed, from a District Judge. Temporary PFAs are in place until a final hearing date is set for the abuse, during which a final PFA is put in place with specific restrictions against the abuser to protect the victim. This may include being a specific distance away from the victim, avoiding certain locations or activities, and protection against the abuser entering the victim’s residence. A final PFA is typically put in place for a specific period of time, up to three years. Many of these may be extended if protection is still a real concern years after the initial incident.

If you live in the Southeastern, PA area and need to speak to an attorney about receiving legal protection from an abuser, do not hesitate to contact our practice at The Law Offices of Jack A. Rounick, LLC to speak to him regarding the initial placement of a legal protection from abuse order.

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