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Jack is an outstanding lawyer. He is empathetic and sympathetic to the needs of his client and is a true advocate for his client. I would highly endorse Jack if anyone is looking for a top attorney for divorce law. His rates are reasonable compared to what other attorneys charge and you get exactly what you pay for. He is very ethical and stands his ground when he sees injustice.

Finding a lawyer near me in Southeastern PA

If you're in a domestic abuse situation and are considering a protection from abuse order, you may have a lot of questions and not know where to turn. Unlike soliciting suggestions for dentists, hair stylists, and realtors, individuals who are wondering, "Is there a lawyer near me who can help?" often don't want to reach out to their family or friends for referrals? If this sounds familiar, Jack Rounick wants you to know that help is available. While domestic abuse can be isolating, you're not alone. There are attorneys in the Southeastern, PA, region who can help.

Here, Mr. Rounick offers some valuable advice for individuals who are searching for an attorney who can help them navigate the protection from abuse order process.
  • Research: A Google search may seem limitless and overwhelming, but it can help you narrow down the field of candidates and begin to learn about potential lawyers. You can learn a great deal from a website including areas of specialization, client testimonials, and even some advice or tips on how to prepare for your first meeting.
  • Education and Experience: While a solid education is a great start, ideally you'll want to work with someone who has experience both in the courtroom and at the negotiation table. Look at the website for evidence of successful client wins.
  • Schedule a meeting: The only real way to know if you feel comfortable with a particular lawyer is to meet him or her. During this meeting take the time to learn about the lawyer's history and experience, but also check to see if he is listening to you. The lawyer shouldn't do all the talking in this meeting. Make sure that he understands your unique situation and find out how he would approach it, if he wins your business.
Mr. Rounick has been helping his clients through many difficult situations for many years. He understands that domestic violence, divorce, and custody disputes can be overwhelming and complex on many levels. If you're looking for an accomplished and experienced attorney that you can trust, call his office today.

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