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Jack is an outstanding lawyer. He is empathetic and sympathetic to the needs of his client and is a true advocate for his client. I would highly endorse Jack if anyone is looking for a top attorney for divorce law. His rates are reasonable compared to what other attorneys charge and you get exactly what you pay for. He is very ethical and stands his ground when he sees injustice.

Why attorneys in the Southeastern, PA area are desirable for family court including alimony and child custody issues

Attorneys in the Southeastern, PA area are often approached by clients in the area regarding divorce, alimony, and child custody issues. When family court issues such as these arise, it is important that people have the appropriate representation to protect themselves in the courtroom. Attorney Jack Rounick in Norristown, PA has been helping others for years in getting through the family courts with positive outcomes.

Child custody is always an important topic when parents split. A divorce is hard on the children, but so are fighting parents. Instead of having parents fight over time with their children, the courts can help individuals in developing custody and a parenting plan best suited for their needs. The courts will always put the best interests of the children first, and if there are any issues such as abuse or drug use, they will negatively affect the custody hearing. Supervised visits may be ordered until the parent can show improvement in their actions. However, most custody cases are cut-and-dry and parents work together in deciding on joint or primary custody. Even parents with primary physical custody need to provide fair amounts of visitation/custody time to the other party, as it is essential that children have both parents in their lives.

Child custody is just one aspect of divorce. Alimony is another. Finances are always affected during a separation or divorce and it may be important for one party to pay alimony to the other. Alimony is a spousal support payment that is made to help the other individual get back on their feet and many times, back into the workforce. Alimony is more typical in situations where one parent stayed at home with the children while the other worked to support the family financially. The stay-at-home parent is often awarded alimony for a specific period to help them afford a place to stay, obtain schooling, or find a job to support their own family unit accordingly.

The Law Offices of Jack A. Rounick can help clients with a myriad of financial and custody issues during their divorce. Call today to schedule a consultation visit and find out the ways in which his expertise can protect you and your legal rights in the courtroom.

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