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Jack is an outstanding lawyer. He is empathetic and sympathetic to the needs of his client and is a true advocate for his client. I would highly endorse Jack if anyone is looking for a top attorney for divorce law. His rates are reasonable compared to what other attorneys charge and you get exactly what you pay for. He is very ethical and stands his ground when he sees injustice.

Clients in the Southeastern, PA area ask, how do you get alimony in a divorce?

There are many questions that revolve around the alimony when it comes to divorce between couples in the Southeastern, PA area. Attorney Jack A. Rounick works with his clients to help them decide if they are appropriate candidates for receiving alimony during this time. Many clients ask, how do you get alimony in a divorce?

Alimony, which should not be confused with spousal support or alimony pendente lite (APL), is often monetary payments made to one spouse due to their true financial needs after the divorce. This often occurs for couples where one stayed home with children or one who was out of the workforce during the majority of the marriage. This post-divorce payment is made from one ex-spouse to the other until changes such as remarriage or cohabitation.

There is no specific guarantee of receiving alimony. In many instances, it can be discussed and mediated, but it is up to the judge to decide if the situation warrants the receipt of alimony. There is also not a firm calculation as to how alimony is determined, but it is often decided upon due to the income of one spouse versus the other, as well as custody arrangements.

No one is "entitled" to alimony but in several divorce cases, it should seriously be considered, especially if one spouse is unable to support themselves on their own during the transitional time. There are many factors used in determining if one is appropriate for receiving alimony and this is listed in Section 3701 of the Pennsylvania Divorce Code. Alimony can be requested through negotiations or in court, but there is never a guarantee.

Attorney Jack A. Rounick understands that specific financial situations may make one person a better candidate for alimony than another. Speaking with the team at the Law Offices of Jack A. Rounick is the best way to decide if it may be beneficial to ask about alimony payments—even if they are done for a short period of time. Having a lawyer on your side to help guide you through the process of financial negotiations through the court system is best, and can help those in need of family law assistance.

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