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Jack is an outstanding lawyer. He is empathetic and sympathetic to the needs of his client and is a true advocate for his client. I would highly endorse Jack if anyone is looking for a top attorney for divorce law. His rates are reasonable compared to what other attorneys charge and you get exactly what you pay for. He is very ethical and stands his ground when he sees injustice.

Where to get help with equitable distribution of marital property

When couples split from a marriage, several different aspects of the split need to be considered. If children are involved, child support and a parenting plan must be developed and followed. Some individuals need protection from abuse to ensure their safety. Others may need to address pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements that may have been signed in the past, and spousal support may need to be considered. Additionally, the courts must also help with equitable distribution of marital property.

Attorney Jack A. Rounick is a family lawyer who has experience in providing his clients with assistance in many different aspects of the law and can help individuals in protecting their finances, assets, property, and children through this often emotional and stressful time. He can guide individuals through the legal process and help ensure they keep the items that were obtained through the marriage, as well as protecting assets that were clearly gifts or personal property beforehand. He can help develop a case to protect assets such as financial investments, which may or may not have been procured during the marriage, and ensure the law is followed.

Equitable distribution of marital property can be incredibly complex, while in other cases, it may be relatively simple. It all depends on how well the clients cooperate, how many assets are being disputed, and what can be found for proof to provide legal grounds for one individual to procure the items over the other. Many financial issues can also be easily resolved between parties, while physical, personal property cannot always. Handling these disagreements can often be done between lawyers, but in other instances, they may need to be decided by a judge in the family law courts.

If you live in the Southeastern, PA area and you are seeking a quality family lawyer in the community who can provide professional representation for you, contact the Law Offices of Jack A. Rounick, LLC today. Book a consultation and find out what his practice can do in protecting you, your children, and your assets through a separation and/or divorce.

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