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Southeastern PA divorce lawyer helps clients achieve the best outcome

Making the decision to end a marriage is often one of the most complex and complicated decisions a person will face. However, the decision to divorce is only one of many challenging conversations and agreements that must be made during the process.

In a perfect world, the former spouses would easily agree on issues of custody, division of property and more. Often clients of Attorney Jack Rounick begin down the path of divorce without having any idea of what legal issues must be addressed. Here, Mr. Rounick offers some items for clients to think about:
  • Decide if mediation could be a consideration. Mediation could help clients save money, spend less time going through the divorce, and cause less stress. However, for mediation to work, both parties need to want to be there and there are still fees involved.
  • Find a lawyer you trust. The process of a divorce can be lengthy, overwhelming, and frustrating. Or it can be surprisingly smooth. The best lawyer to guide you through the process is one who is not only experienced and educated, but also compassionate and able to manage your expectations.
  • Write it down. You're going to think of a lot of things throughout the process – questions you want to ask, lists of assets that will need to be divided and debts that must be allocated, and changes that must be made. When these thoughts pop into your head it's important to write them down so that you don't forget them later. Further, you'll want to gather information such as paystubs, bank account statements, tuition payments and utility and mortgage information.
  • Know what you want. Determine what assets you want to walk away with and which ones you can live without. In some cases it's good to list them in order of importance to you so that you can negotiate. Understand what your new budget will look like. Will you have less income? Will you be paying child support? Find out now and make sure that your interests are represented.
For more information about the divorce process in Pennsylvania, call Attorney Jack Rounick today. Mr. Rounick not only understands the laws in Pennsylvania, he is experienced in helping clients understand the process and works hard to ensure that his clients best interests are represented at negotiating tables and in courtrooms across Southeastern PA.

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